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    Let's talk about projects for a minute


      Everytime I update or edit a task in a project, a notice shows up in the activity stream.  I recently received this email from a slightly annoyed fellow employee.


      "FYI, I did receive another notification from you on this subject after I assured that I stopped getting project updates.

      But I did NOT stop receiving notifications from you as a person so I think that maybe this is coming through to my email that way.

      So now I wonder if a user can select which notifications to send out or rec eive from to people.  If this functionality were available, I could select to receive  (or you could select to send) notifications on just the juicy stuff like blog posts and discussions, but not on tasks or calendar items."


      I do not see any way to turn off notifications as the project and task creator.  Is there a way for people to turn off receiving the updates?  It seems like they would have to stop following me.

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          Maybe someone from Jive can chime in, but I too do not see a way to turn off project updates in the same way you can with docs, bookmarks, blog posts, etc.

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            Has this person chosen to "Receive e-mail notifications"? If so, this may be a reason they are receiving the notification. Also, did they receive a notification on a task they were assigned, or just on a piece of content in the project?


            If they are following a particular individual, they will receive a notification when that person creates content in a Space or Group they have permissions to. However, I'm not sure if this notification trumps the other notifications they have an option to change.

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