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    Attention Bay Area User Group Attendees We Have Our Topics!


      Thank you to all of you who sent in your breakout session requests! The interesting thing is that most users had the same requests. Our three sessions will be on the following topics:


      1.  Increasing Engagement, Integration, & Alignment

      2.  Metrics

      3.  Jive 5.0


      The question will be do we wreak into separate groups or all join in the same discussion? I have attached the spread sheet of requests. Additional, attendees have RSVP'd for the session but have not sent in any topic requests. Topics are now selected and closed.


      We look forward to an afternoon of exchange and fun! See you on the 21st!




      Host:                              Scott Lawley

      Host Company:               SAP Labs

      When:                            July 21, 2011

      Where:                           3pm to 5 pm

                                           SAP Labs

                                           Southern Cross (Meeting Room)

                                           3410 Hillview Avenue

                                           Palo Alto, CA  94304



      Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/O0DY