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    Does anyone have a good way to load a user's background? (for internal community)


      Recently I was helping a coworker setup a group in Jive where they expect to have a few hundred group members when they migrate everyone from another platform that is currently in use.


      In the old platform, there is a detailed expertise profile for each user, which basically has a detailed description of the materials, process, software, etc. expertise that they have (it took about 20 minute to fill out).  When they come into Jive however, we lose all that, and have to hope that they add the same level of detail when we ask them to complete their Jive profiles.  I am very concerned that they will not, since it is time consuming, and the result will not look nice (see ideajavascript:; ).


      Has anyone found a way to allow users to load information like this easily?  The goal is to make it easy to find experts.


      Adding custom profile fields to match what we had in the old system may not be an option, because there are thousands of other users in our Jive system, and those fields won't make sense for many of them.


      If I am interested in square widgets, I want to be able to see if anyone at the company has worked on square widgets before...