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    How do u support collaboration?

      We have an internal community for our 700+ inside sales reps globally. We are 1 year into our implementation and while we have seen great adoption we are still working to encourage more active participation from our reps vs lurking.  The success of the community has been in large part due to the content being driven by the sales reps thenselve, we are now starting to see other content providers from within the organization using the community as a way to 'advertise' their programs/tools etc to the sales organization.  I worry that the communituy could become clogged with advertising content vs colloborative activity. 


      Has anyone run into this?  If so, how have you managed it? 

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          Real valid point. I think one of the key drivers to participation is to make your users feel comfortable in posting comments and being more callaborative. Top down support is key to that, as are statements from GC and HR that state support. That said, there still needs to be rules of engagement set. Some people may feel like they will be disciplined for making a statement that contradicts others, or is wrong, or.. let's face it, just plain inappropriate. While inappropriate comments should never be tolerated, constructive collaboration is healthy and goes a long way in rounding out everyone's knowledge.

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              In our case we have an internal and an external instance. In the internal instance support engineers collaborate with each other to solve customer issues. If it was left to them to collaborate with each other, we would have experienced marginal adoption. One area which has helped us get very good adoption is to make the community an integral part of a vital process. In this case the process is when they need help to solve a case they need to log a discussion thread. These are reported, trended, who is asking, who is helping etc. This helped us get immense adoption and in parallel served as a KCS framework capture of knowledge JIT and with context. It may help in your case to identify a process, a use case which they have to go through the community to complete. That will turn the tide, create value which will cause adoption and frequent return visitors.


              Hope this is of help.