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    What happened?


      Yesterday we had a major Jive miss that is still unresolved.  Interested in knowing if this has happened to any of you and how you handled it.

      • Pro services has created custom themes for our site.
      • Our pro services lead recently sized the migration effort to migrate these themes to Jive 5.
      • We have been working on a migration to 4.5.6 for several weeks. Testing began about 2 weeks ago when we given a 4.5.6 UAT instance.
      • Have opened a variety of support tickets to ask for clarification around the steps to migrate to 4.5.6 since this is our first migration (been up for about 6 weeks)
      • Held a final 'check list' meeting early this week with pro service lead, hosting enginner and our account manager to go through the choreograhpy of this migration process
        • Included a discussion about 'who has the theme code' since there appeared to be confusion about where hosted services access it.  Still murky
      • I was a bit uncomfortable that there doesn't appear to be a migration process template or check list with clear steps, gates and roles/responsibilities but it is what it is.
      • Mid stream migration last evening a different pro services project manager gets involved. Tells hosting that 'we have customizations' which will be clobbered if the migration proceeds.
      • Migration is halted. We lose another opportunity for getting a more stable release in place.


      Pro services lead writes: was unaware of customizations - this in a thread that has posts from our the Jive resource who has made the theme customizations.


      Wondering just where the problem is in what seems to be a simple, documented and proactive communication exchange.


      1. How would you handle this?

      2. How should Jive handle this?

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          Hi Susan,


          Apologies and thanks for bringing this to our attention. I know that you've been contacted by Jive to address the situation since you've posted this. I've notified both Hosting and Professional Services managers as well.