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    Boston User Huddle


      Must be the NFL settlement.


      Amazingly, a September 1st, late afternoon user huddle seems possible. We're delighted.


      This is an informal chance to meet other community experts, enjoy some wine and cheese and talk.  Agenda?


      Very unconference but might suggest the following approach:

      • 4:45 - 5:15 pm  
        • Get here, grab a bite, catch up
      • 5:15 - 5:45 pm
        • Introductions & 3 Questions:
          • What about your community is excellent and why?
          • What challenge or issue is keeping you up at night and why?
          • Jive 5; Yes/No and why?
      • 5:45 - ~6 pm
        • Help as needed


      Thoughts and improvements?  Please RSVP. Thanks!












      Wrote earlier:


      Noted an older discussion about a summer meeting. 

      • Did this in fact happen?
      • If so, are there notes?
      • If not, our company would be open to hosting it here in our beautiful offices in Burlington, MA (hey it's next to LLBean and the B-Mall).

      Would be love to reconnect now that I am at Demandware and evaluating Jive 5.


      All was revealed in the 'discussion-I-should-have-read-first-but-didn't'.  Got it.


      Curious if the Boston folks would like to participate in an informal 'huddle' in Burlington just to meet and exchange ideas. Would be August and would be food and drink at around 4:30.  Demandware is at the intersection of Rt. 3 and 128.


      If not, NBD, but would be great to reconnect after a long hiatus (and post EMC...).