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    Ideas for Internal Training Curriculum?


      Question for the community around training.

      We are about a month into our pilot (on v4.5.6) and our pilot group (250 people) is able to move around the site and do all the basic stuff fine. They also have access to the Jive 4.5 training in the online community.


      However, we are struggling with things like:

      • How do you communicate broadly around best practices for searching?
      • How do communicate/train users around tagging documents? What are the best practices? How do we get to common terms?
      • Site navigation related to our specific layout?
      • Governance for group creation (to avoid duplication)


      A few other notes.

      • Our pilot group is global - 25 countries - and English is a 2nd language for many of our users.
      • Our user demographic tends to the younger age (20s/30s) and they are comfortable with web-based apps.
      • We've conducted a few WebEx sessions (US morning and evening hours) and recorded them for later playback. However, the focus so far has been on the basics of the site...not specific to the items I mention above.


      Before we jump into another round of WebEx sessions, I wanted to ping this group for any ideas on what has worked well for you Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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          I would say that adding your first group of bullets would be useful and important to add to the "fundamentals" training info you have.  It shouldn't add too much time to the overall presentation.


          If you have the facility to record these and make them available in an on-demand format that could help too, especially for your global audience.  If there is random access to the various sections that can help folks who want to pop into the training for a specific topic and won't be forced to watch the entire thing as if it was a VCR starting at 0000.


          We also created a series of collab documents in our instance's Help space. Useful for documenting specific things, such as search tips, that people might be looking for or something you can point someone toward when they ask about it.

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            Edward Ford

            I've been creating video tutorials that record the navigation through the site and provide commentary on the particular topic. The video tutorials featuring the navigation on the site was an idea from Mike Fraietta. I started out with the basics of how to use the site, but I'm identifying more advanced features and items to do as tutorials. We've gotten really good feedback on the videos from users. The other feedback we've heard is to create written step-by-step tutorials for each topic on which you create a video in case people prefer the written version. So we're just trying to provide the information in the ways that people would want to consume it.

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                During our first year we relied on video tutorials of the community on everything from navigation to setting up your view. While these were effective for the initial launch, what we realized was that most of our front line did not have time to go through the videos as they were usually taking calls & helping customers.


                We have created a two hour instructor lead training that we are launching this week to ensure that everyone is able to use the community effectively. We are really excited about this training and have had GREAT feedback from TTT sessions.

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                    Edward Ford

                    Is this training virtual, in-person or both? We've conducted some hour-long sessions for users as well which have been useful. We've had the debate about whether a comprehensive training that covers a large amount of info works better or if shorter, more focused vignettes can be effective. I'm up for any option that effectively gets the key messages out to users, so I'm interested to learn more about your intentions for this training and how it goes once launched.

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                          It is a two hour instructor lead training. I would say the delivery method you use will depend on your business type. We are training our customer care representatives & support staff. As you can imagine, front line reps don't have a lot of time to do self paced learning since they are taking calls. We had created videos, done some short grab & go job aids but there just wasn't enough time for our teams to completely master it.

                        I will let you know what results we have once we have competed the training. So far we have had really positive feedback that the training was much needed & they expect to see an impact in their results.


                        Also, keep in mind that we launched our community in record time and in less than a year consolidated multiple knowledge bases and intranets within a year of launch so the change was fast and furious to say the least.

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                            Edward Ford

                            This is very helpful. I would like to look into some instructor-lead training. In our case, we'd need to partner with someone. We have a digital learning curriculum that I think Buzz training (Buzz is the name of our site) would fit very well into. Thanks for the tips and suggestions. I'll look to hear the results of your efforts once you're further along.

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                      Consider what your typical use cases are, and role-play those in video and training sessions. For example, if your business is in widget manufacturing, and you are using Jive to facilitate connecting with experts, show how a user would come to the community and search for specific terms and/or people to find knowledge. Demonstrate how the user  would ask for help in a "Widget Development" group by creating a discussion. If you are leading a live training, assign different roles to group members (member 1  is a widget domain expert, member 2 knows the widget market in Japan, member 3 is a materials buyer, etc....)


                      It takes a little extra time to develop scenarios around your use cases, but using scenarios to teach Jive will help your users understand that this isn't just a web site. By actually engaging in the use cases, you'll help your users understand how their Jive community can become a valuable part of their work experience.

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                        Hi, Bill. I deliver a wide variety of training for our customers. Overall, the best responses I have gotten are on the instructor-led trainings. People like to know that if they have a question, they can ask the instructor right then and there. There are two types of instructor-led training that I offer. First is a classroom-style training. This is good for a big group who are all focused in one area, ie. Human Resources. I deliver a 3-hour long training customized to what the customer requests. Most of the time, it is a "Beginner" course. We cover the basic functions of the site that they will need to know to accomplish what they have been asked to do. I go through modules and make sure the participants have plenty of hands-on time to practice what we go over. I also build in time for a Q&A session at the end, in case they have questions that go beyond what the training covers.


                        The second type of instructor-led training is online. I have regularly occurring "mini-trainings" that cover one topic at a time. This way, if someone only needs training on Documents, they can drop into that session without having to sit through a longer session to get the one answer they need. These typically last 30-60 minutes, and whatever time is left for the 60 minute period, I open the floor to any question about our instance. I also deliver online trainings by request for remote customers, or those that cannot access a computer lab for a classroom-style training.


                        For each training, I have a handout that contains step-by-step instructions on the information that we cover. This is helpful to participants so they can concentrate on the training and not worry about what they are going to forget later. These instructions are available to any customer by request, and are contained in our Site Support area on our instance.


                        I also deliver video trainings, both general and customized for the customer. These trainings are helpful mostly to those that are comfortable with technology, and are more of a self-paced or self-motivated learner.


                        To speak specifically to your initial question:


                        • How do you communicate broadly around best practices for searching?I suggest gathering information from your pilot group around what is working for them. This will tell you what they are intuitively doing so you can build some material around it. Since there are so many ways to search for information, I would highlight the most used method and then provide information on the additional methods. This can be done in any training format, but I suggest a step-by-step handout be given to participants and available on the site for them to refer to at a later date.
                        • How do communicate/train users around tagging documents? What are the best practices? How do we get to common terms? Again, I would ask the pilot group so you can learn what they are already using. Then, point them to the areas that show what is already being used and encourage them to use these terms first, and then add additional terms if necessary. Remember, tags are supposed to help people find information, so the tags on content should be intuitive to what someone would use when looking for it.
                        • Site navigation related to our specific layout? I would suggest a diagram along with a word version. This should be posted on your site so people can easily print and refer to it. Some people are visual and a diagram sitting in their work area will help them get to the information much quicker than using the Search function.
                        • Governance for group creation (to avoid duplication) This can be done a variety of ways, depending on what you already allow. If you allow any member on your site to create a group, you will want to communicate to them on a process. This process should contain steps like: 1. Search for a similar Group, and 2. Contact (helpdesk) to search for similar Secret Groups. If you have a process you want them to follow now, make that process available in a document and point them to it.


                        Overall, the more content you make available to answer these questions and outline processes, the more your pilot group will be willing to conform. Most importantly, don't forget to ask them what they think...involve them in the process, and they just may suprise you by giving you the answers you're looking for.