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    Has anyone used SBS for agency conferences or corporate events?


      We have a leadership conference coming up in January, and the managers want to include a major social element for communicating out about the conference as well as allowing for wider participation across the agency.


      Since we use SBS 4.0.14 Employee Marketplace for internal collaboration, I would like to recommend SBS instead of Facebook or Tumblr, especially since the products of the conference will have long-term value to the organization.


      SBS contains many of elements that *might* contribute to a successful conference: blogs, status updates (not exactly Twitter), images, voting for contests, and most importantly discussions. We haven't integrated social groups into our implementation, but the ability for users to gather spontaneously could be very important as well.


      Has anyone attempted to use SBS as the "base" for a conference or large event? What were your keys to success?



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          We have had tremendous success using our employee community to support and supplement large company in-person meetings. It's great for centralizing all the pre-meeting content that needs to be shared, making virtual introductions so people who haven't met before connect ahead of time and begin to get to know each other, refining and defining topics and agendas, uploading content to be read in advance, etc.


          During the event, it's the online hub for updates and news, as well as the place for posting speaker's slides and materials and minutes and actions from meetings and sessions as they take place. After the event, we not only upload more content related to all that happened at the meeting, including video of sessions, but many teams carrying actions forward have organized projects in the community, as well.


          We found it to be a great way to encourage further adoption and engagement among people who had not necessarily been very active before. They immediately "got it" once they experienced the online community integrated with an in-person event.


          If you still want to use Twitter, then set up a widget that displays the feed. But I'd encourage you to push for using status updates, blogs and discussions, instead. And note that Twitter addicts can post status updates from Twitter if you enable that via the Twitter plugin.

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            We use our Jive instance for internal events too.  We create a group to communicate the goals of the event, preview the agenda as it is being developed and try to stimulate pre-event conversations.


            Post event, we use it in a similar way--for speaker slides and we even upload the videos of the presentations for reuse later on.  We like to take the agenda that we posted an make it interactive by proviging links from within the agenda to the slides and video for a particular presenter.

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              The first large effort we supported via Jive was a major global R&D meeting. It was a huge meeting, with people coming in from all over the world. We did all meeting notices via Jive, all workshop sign-ups, etc. (We even had a wiki for people who wanted to go jogging that helped them coordinate with each other so that they could run early in the mornings before sessions started.)


              There was a big emphasis on getting people to fill out their profiles and set up their profile pictures prior to the meeting to help people better connect to other people.


              During the meeting, we had people blogging about what was going on, and used wikis to publish notes from each of the breakout sessions as soon as those sessions ended. Those wikis were then used at the consolidated sessions where the results of the breakout sessions were communicated to all the participants. People loved the immediate availability of the information.


              All materials that were used at the various meeting sessions were posted on the site. All of this was also very helpful to people who had not been able to attend in person.


              All together, this worked out very well and gave our upper management immediate visibility to some of what was possible with this collaborative environment. The CEO and his senior staff all mentioned the system during their meeting presentations.

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                This is really for during the event, but for this year's management convention the top leadership had a few main topics they planned to to discuss.  A group was started to get ideas and feedback from employees so all the information could be used in the meeting.  Then materials and post-meeting discussion continue in the group.

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                  Check out a recent case study we posted here - http://explore.pgilife.com/large-hosted-events/


                  We frequently use our employee community for pre-event buzz and travel details. Also great for sharing the event assets/videos w/ those who couldn't make it.

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                    Thanks for the great responses! (I'd mark all as helpful if Jive would let me ) I've summarized some of the big ideas


                    Start early:

                    * Encourage use of space for pre-conference discussions and "buzz".

                    * Post pre-meeting/pre-event materials

                    * Use wikis for sign-ups and to help coordinate conference travel


                    Maximize possibilities for social connections:

                    * Encourage photo avatars and for folks to fill out profiles

                    * Status updates should be given prominence on site

                    * Blogs - I'm thinking personal blogs as well as a conference blog for event leaders to use. Our actual intranet is separate from our SBS instance, so surfacing these posts on the intranet front page would be ideal.

                    * Allow for spontaneous group creation and networking (for example, turning on private messaging, social groups). Need to allow for non-work socializing as well.


                    Keep it current:

                    * Use announcements to message out to attendees

                    * Post slideshows, videos, and notes as soon as available and publicize to non-attendees

                    * Agenda should evolve with the conference, getting updated with links to session materials

                    * Encourage visitors to sign up for email notifications


                    Since we'll have folks taking part in the conference who will not have used SBS before, I'm putting together some event-centered (and hopefully unobtrusive) "Getting Started" tips for the space. Another practical consideration that occurs to me is that I'll need to increase our 60-minute timeout. Best to avoid someone getting a login screen when they publish the notes they've been typing for the past two hours.


                    Many thanks again!