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    Integrating Jive with other communities


      Our Jive community is one that we use not only internally but also with our business partners and a diverse range of clients. Access to our community is generally limited to a select number of managers within each client, who are undertaking one of our change programmes. Challenge for us is that one of our clients has also just introduced Chatter and is now asking the obvious questions relating to not wanting to complicate their peoples lives with too many similar systems/logons/screens, so easy ‘integration’ will be a key focus for us going forward.

      Does anyone one know whether feeds can be integrated between Jive and Chatter so they only need to refer to one source?


      As the power of social media use internally begins to show itself and more organisations adopt the technology, we can only expect the question of integration to keep coming up as different systems are implemented by clients but internal/external conversations need to be collated to build one picture. We need to anticipate and pre-empt it the questons that arise. This is especially so where the our Jive community is only available to select managers but a client organisation also needs a company wide solution to realise the full benefits of social media. I can imagine the standard intranet will start to morph into a social media based platform pretty quickly – still full of the necessary information but much more interactive and collaborative and delivering information from a variety of sources.


      Does anyone have any good insights on the integration challenge and in particular with Chatter?


      Many Thanks