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    Anyone operate a community like ours?


      Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there operates a community similar to ours.


      We have built a community called the ON2net . We describe the On2net as a community for people who want to create better organisations – organisations with renewed purpose where everyone is engaged, empowered and excited to deliver improved performance. Here people can access a wealth of thinking and resources focused on culture change, organisation and team development and be able to work with other community members to share knowledge and create exciting companies.


      We are essentially a consultancy focused on helping clients connect their people with their strategy for better performance so it's all about building a organisational culture thats fit for purpose.


      Our community includes our own people, our business partners and our clients. With regards to clients we not only communicate and collaborate with them through the ON2net (as well as face to face) but we also deliver all the resources they need through the site as well. So we use it to cost effectively deliver a wealth of IP and also build IP at the same time. Plus it works like a coaching tool as we share our thinking and respond to any questions clients may have.


      Included in the cost of our client change initiatives, is access to the community but we also allow Independent members to sign up for a fee so they too can benefit from our experience in the field. These Independent members don't have access to the TakeON! resources we provide as each theme/product is set up as a private group. As clients move to a new theme we simply give access to that group which is set up more as a resource centre than a meeting place.


      Anyone else operating their private community like this?

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          We aren't running our community for this type of purpose but it certainly sounds like an interesting concept. I've hung around this community here for a while now and can honestly say that I have never seen anyone post an explanation of their community similar to yours. I'd definitely be interested in learning how it goes for you. Especially the ability for you guys to keep the engagement going over long periods of time. That seems to be the biggest challenge I think for a lot of other community managers.

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            Grant, the ON2net model reminds me of The Community Roundtable and the Social Business Council. These are two private membership organizations dedicated to building, strengthening, evangelizing the power of relationship building and connection, inside and outside of organizations. I am not currently a member of these groups, but I follow many of the members on Twitter, Google+, here in the Jive community, etc, and know there is some great content shared within the membership. In my opinion, these groups are highly successful and well respected, so I would think a community such as ON2net can also do well with such a model.

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                Thanks Tricia, yes those groups look like they have also have a focus on providing a community for like-minded people around social business. Ours is a community for people passionate about driving real and effective change in their organisational culture - something that is pretty much essential to creating a social business that can effectively use and get benefit from the multitude of tools/technology available now. It's all about sharing what works and learning and being inspired by other at various parts of the ongoing journey.

                Essentially we have built up a wealth of IP, Tools and Stories in this space which we share with our clients but are now wanting to allow in, and share this with Independent Members who want to get real traction.


                In the meantime does anyone else out there operate or know of a Jive community which has a paid membership i.e. access is grated one membership fees are paid. Anyone know of a member management system that might assist with the effective management of revenue, member activation etc etc


                Will talk soon about a catchup at Jive Trisha.


                Thanks all