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    Records Retention


      Hello Internal Community Managers:


      I'm trying to develop a records retention policy for my internal Jive community. Do any of you have a retention policy? If so, can you share? Any tips on how to approach this?


      Just my first thoughts - this is hard to develop since I don't really want any of the information shared on this site to dissapear. Something someone wrote 3 years ago could be really helpful today!


      Thanks in advance for your help!


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          Andrew Kratz



          We spent a lot of time on this with Jive as we have regulations that require us to retain content.  We worked with Jive on a custom plug-in that for every event in the system an email is generated to a specific internal inbox.  We already have an archive strategy for email so once the email hits it archives the same way as email.  this is helpful for our legal, compliance and HR folks as they don't need another system or IT request to get to Jive content.  They can see it right along side other emails that are archived.


          We are in the process of making that plugin more robust to include more activity.  But right now it is pretty good as it includes all of the major content types, attachments, who sent the note, who may have seen it (members of the group) 


          The enhancements we are looking at which would include video from Twistage, add more context (show the previous comments), etc..


          Have to run...if this is of interest we can discuss further with more details.

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          • Records Retention

            We also have other customers who are working with Jive Professional Services to integrate with Actiance. Not sure about the details of how it would work, however...

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              Andrew Kratz

              Attached is the records retention spec we worked on with Jive PS.  We recently added Video retention as with the Twistage 3rd party that is not a standard Jive artificat as the other doc types (blog, doc, discussion etc..).


              We are working on a phase II to address a couple of shortcomings to this approach.  We are working on the spec and I'll share once complete.  Some of the shortcomings we are looking to address are.


              - There are a couple of actions we would like to add to the retention such as deleting content (who) and report abuse actions.  Additionally, we want to pick up full context when a post is archived.  Meaning, make it look a bit more like the web site or an email that is retained where you see the previous replies.  Currently, with this spec you/implementation you only get the posted content not the prior replies.  For a compliance/Surveillance manager reviewing it makes their job more challenging.  For example, if a post comes across "That is a great idea, I'll buy it".  without the previous post context you don't know if they are talking about a security or girl-scout cookies.  We no longer regulate girl scout cookie purchases

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