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    I'm creating a diary of my experience learning to work with Jive 5


      I've realized all along what a great opportunity it is to have this community running on Jive 5 before we do our own upgrade. It is so much more valuable to be able to see it in action in an active community than to see it running in UAT with limited users/involvement, etc. But it hit me today that the way I'm responding to the interface, and changing my behaviors, and what I'm learning along the way - all of that information could be of value to my community members when we upgrade and they make a similar transition.


      I thought I'd share the idea, in case any of you feel it might help you as well. I obviously don't know that this is a good idea, and don't have any feedback from my users to share with you all. We aren't upgrading yet, so I can't prove this out. And even if you decide not to share the diary with your community, just keeping track and being more conscious of how you are interacting might be valuable information for you to take away.