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    Have selected documents default to no notifications


      We often have the situation where we create a table in a Jive wiki and then have employees update a row:


      • Which of the following timeslots do you need....
      • Check here if you are attending this session....
      • Enter your name in the list below if you want to be sent a T-shirt...


      and so on. People who update such a document have no desire to be notified when the next 5,000 people also update the table!

      People don't remember to click off the "send notifications" action (and - bug - we find it doesn't always work!), and it's a real annoyance to have to go back and turn off notifications.


      It would be much easier if the wiki creator could change the default for the wiki to "no notifications" so that only those few, brave, and masochistic souls who wanted 5,000 emails got them.


      Is this in Jive 5? If not, it would be a great added feature.