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    Solution for "My Spaces/Groups?"


      Has anyone discovered a widget, or other solution, that would allow users to see just the spaces/groups they belong to or follow?



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          Hello Tyler,


          I haven't heard of this type of update. I do know that Jive only allows users to see areas they are Members and OPEN areas. I am assuming that the reasoning behind this is to encourage users to browse other areas and see if they may be interested in joining. I'm curious about the reasoning behind the request. Are you users getting lost or having difficult finding the areas which are important to them? Or is this some type of privacy issue.


          I can also see the value of calling out groups/spaces that you are a member of.

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            The Places widget shows "Your" spaces (followed spaces) and groups (groups you are a member of).

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                Thanks for the responses.


                Kevin, maybe ours is not configured correctly, or possibly broken but I am seeing groups that I am not a member of. Actually, its probably because I am an admin. Never thought about the before now!


                Edit: Still seeing all of the groups, maybe there is a configuration problem?

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                  In addition to Kevin's answer, you also have the widgets "My Groups" and "Recent Activity". The "Recent Activity" widget allows you to show only content from spaces you follow.

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                      Andrew Kratz

                      Thanks Frank....we did a customization to move "community Activity" to the default landing page (we are on 4.5.5) but what we didn't realize is you don't get group content for groups you follow.  So the "everyone" choice gives you everything you are allowed to see but you get a lot of noise from open group posts that you may not care about.  The "connections" choice is people based so you only see your colleagues via the org chart and people you follow, but not necessarily the group content.  So your comment on recent activity is helpful.  I"m not sure how bad it would look to have the community activity widget AND recetn activity on our home page, but seeing group content for what you joined is pretty improtant.  Otherwise, you would see it via email updates (if you slected) or going to each group one by one.   Of course, What Matters: Activity will sovle this I believe.


                      thanks again...Andrew