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    How Are You Dealing with Guest Comments for "My Content" in 4.5?


      We stumbled upon a bug in our Jive instance this week, and I wanted to see how other 4.5 users (and potentially lower environments, I'm not sure) are dealing with it.


      We have guest access enabled in our community -- so users on our network can browse content anonymously, but in order to take any action (post, vote, comment, access private groups, etc.) users have to log in. *Except* when commenting on the content that uses the profile as its place (shannon's videos, shannon's documents, etc.). This bug makes it so that guest users can, in fact, comment on this kind of content -- which is a pretty big concern for folks here.


      One of the ways that we promote the community as a safe place is hinged on the fact that users can't post anonymously. As long as any and all content is tied to a specific user and their profile -- and their professional reputation -- there is a sense of accountability.


      Because this is a bug, I imagine that others have had to deal with it as well. Jive reports that their engineers are working to resolve the issue, though there's no ETA on a fix. I know that it's not present in Jive 5, but we're not going to be upgrading in the near term, and so I'm on the hunt for creative solutions to present to our stakeholders that don't involve removing guest access.


      Any suggestions and creative solutions are welcome. Thanks!