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    initial brainstorming

      - What''s about supporting subscription and syndication of ics-based events?

      - Copying posts/docs from one space to another

      - include posts in one another

      - tag administration must have: merge, rename, delete and probably deeper bundeling;

      -- synonyms

      -- tag clustering (a la flickr)

      - editor must offer direct image integration (real WYSIWYG is preferable)

      - space owner/admin role=s/he must be able to change space setting and add/deactivate users

      - email to post would be nice (each post has its own email-address)

      - backlinks

      - rss aggregation on the dashboard

      - batch user registration (CSV, vCard)


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          Hi thob,


          ics is a good idea.  We are working on hooking xmpp to clearspace and have rss/atom feeds.


          Copying posts/docs from one space to another has been kicked around but we have not decided to implement it yet.  In the vast majority of cases if you set up the spaces correctally and using tag sets you won''t have to move posts or docs.


          You can quote a previous message in a post by using the

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            Moving docs from one space to another will be in our 1.0.1 release.  If you have permisssions (community moderator  or community admin rights) you can move threads around.


            In regards to including posts, you can link to other posts as well through the "link" button in the editor.  It will bring up a window where you can search for content within the system and include that into the thread.

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                Well, including offers the benefits of real distributed working/ or stitching together.


                Besides my initial feature requests (s.a.) Clearspace is impressive and enters the market at the right time, I''d say.