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    More context in email notification (post title at least).

      I subscribed to the whole clearspace category and i''m getting email notifications.  BTW I love the notifications and reply by email (it lowers the barrier to keeping in touch with the community).  I registered for notifications at the high level "Clearspace" on the jive forums, sometimes the notification don''t provide enough context in the notification email. I''ve attached an email below. It was in reply to the "Document Import produces system error " thread but the email notification didn''t mention that. It seems like the title is the minimum required to understand the context of the notification.  It would be interesting to allow a setting to include the first 100 chars of the "in reply to" so that it''s even easier to figure out the context of the post. 


      "The category "Clearspace", which you have flagged for email notification, was updated on Feb 20, 2007 9:16:40 AM by Nick Hill.


      Nick Hill posted the following message:

      This issue has been resolved and will be available in the 1.0.2 build out soon. Thanks for the detailed report.