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    Public Blog Feature

      I have probably mentioned this before but I would love to see a public blog feature that is HTML, Javascript, or etc. based for easy integration with current company websites. We plan to implement Clearspace as our internal wiki and collaboration system, but I also like the features of the blogging. The only downside is our users cannot take the blog entries they make in Clearspace and export them to our public blog site. We would have to redirect our customers to the Clearspace installation, which I think would add some confusion.


      It would make a pretty neat feature since many companies these days are implementing public blogs to keep customer updated on new products and features. Thanks!

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          You could have your public website suck down the RSS / Atom / JSON feeds that Clearspace makes available per blog and then display that on the public website, would that work?


          If your public website is Java-based, check out the ROME project:




          it makes it super easy to grab a feed given a URL and then iterate over the items in the feed.


          Another thought, though this involves a lot more work: it''s possible to create a theme in Clearspace that maps to a URL (which itself can be a regular expression) so you could expose the /blogs part of your Clearspace installation to the general public using mod_rewrite and create a theme that removes the user bar and login stuff and map that theme to the URL that the general public sees (say http://www.example.com/blogs/), which would leave internal users seeing the default theme and external users seeing the stripped down / general public theme.





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            Depending on what your external blog software is you might be able to write a Clearspace plugin that allows the user to publish out the blog via MetaWeblogAPI if your external software supports it.

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                Good point schitzo.  If someone were to write this plugin, one way to do it would be to create a class that implements BlogPostListener, register it with BlogPostEventDispatcher and then make implement logic that looks for postCreated, postDeleting and postModified. You''ll want to make sure that you only post to the external blog software when the BlogPost status is equal to BlogPost.STATUS_PUBLISH.