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    private profile fields?

      we''re going to use our Clearspace for both internal (ie replacing wiki) and external (providing forums and kb to customers). I want to having certain fields (name, title, dept, etc) visible to customers, but other fields (work phone, cell phone, home phone, school, IM, bio, etc.) visible only to other employees, not customers.


      Is there a way to do this, and if not, prospect for adding that? Anyone else want similar functionality?

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          The best way to do this is to run separate instances of CS for  your internal and external deployments. Right now, CS is suited for internal deployments -- we''re working on an external (ie, forums / wiki / blogs for customer facing site) edition of CS which is really what you''ll want to use in that case.


          Hope that helps.




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            we''ll wait for External Edition then, thanks.

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              Bill''s right, the best way would be to use an instance for internal and an instance for external. In the meantime, one way you could do it would be to create the other fields (work phone, cell phone, etc..) but mark them as ''not visible''.  Then create a theme (seems like everything I say on this forum starts with that) and override the /template/clearspace/include/view-profile-fields.ftl template.  You could do something like this:


              <#assign group = jiveContext.getGroupManager.getGroup(''internal'') />

              <#list fields as field>

                  <#if field.visible || (user?exists && group.isMember(user))>



              This assumes you have all your internal users associated with a group called ''internal'' (could be named anything): basically the logic would be to check if the user viewing the page is a member of that group and then if so, they can see fields that are marked as being not visible, where people not in the internal group won''t be able to.