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    Blog (rich text) editor creates random results

      There are a few questions here...  I''ll ask first and give background second:


      1) Will you be coming out with an HTML editor for blogging/commenting?

      2) Are there known bugs in the current rich text editor?


      I just (wasted) 15 minutes trying to make simple blog post on Clearspace.  I first cut text from an HTML formatted Outlook e-mail and pasted directly into RTF editor.  The pasted text looked good in the editor (indents preserved), but in Preview, all indents and (line spacing) carriage returns were removed.


      So I tried pasting using the Word past function.  This created a giant run-on sentence (no CRs or indentation/spacing preserved).  Bad choice.


      So I pasted the content into Word, copied it from Word, and pasted it into Clearspace using the Word Paste function.  This action ADDED all manner of line CRs but preserved indents, at least, until Preview.  Preview took out all the indents.


      So I used the RTF editor to add indents and remove CRs.  Product looked good in RTF editor.  I checked it in Preview and it still looked good.  So I saved it, came back later to edit, and it was crap.  CRs had been inserted randomly between words and the indentations had been removed.


      Lat go round, I repeated the copy from Word, past using WordPaste, and manually edit CRs and indents.  Then, I previewed to ensure it looked good.  It did, so clicked on the RTF edit tab again to make an edit - and it turned to crap again.  "YIKES THIS SUCKS" I thought.


      One more time, but this time I published without checking.  The published outcome was good.  So I clicked edit - what do you know?  Turned to crap again.


      What''s up with this editing nightmare???