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    Spell check upgrade

      I just made a post and was frustrated with the spell check function for two reasons:


      It marked "blog" and "blogger" and Clearspace as spelling errors.  Maybe an outdated dictionary!


      The other, more material shortcoming is that the spelling suggestion/change UI is at the bottom of the post which forces all manner of up and down scrolling, and for long posts, means that members cannot see the context of the word because it scrolls off the screen when the member scrolls down to see the suggestion/change UI.


      How about putting the suggestion/change UI to the left of the content so that members can scroll the content without scrolling the window?

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          hi Crickw,


          I''m not sure why blog and blogger didn''t make it into the dictionary since it was the top word of 2004 according to Merriam-Webster.  In the meantime, you can actually add words to the dictionary:


          Admin console --> System --> Settings -- Spell Check


          Can you send a screenshot of what you''re talking about with the spelling suggestion / change UI being at the bottom of a post (you should be able to attach it to this thread)?





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              It was when leaving a post in this forum that I ran into blog/blogger as unrecognized.  What''s odd, is that they don''t show as underlined during editing.  They only show as underlined during the spell check itself and at that time, the word cannot be added to the dictionary (see screen shot 3).


              I also wonder whether it''s a good idea to open the ''add word to dictionary'' feature to our online communities, internal or external (Clearspace/Xspace) since the dictionary would likely become contaminated.


              I added a couple of screen shots (01 and 02) attempting to illustrate the scrolling up/down required correct spelling.  Of course, a nice 24" monitor would fix this!  With a 15" laptop, however, it was an annoyance.


              Thanks for listening,