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    link to profiles

      I can''t see how to create a link to a person/profile. In the search box, it says ''no results'' when i search for my name or username, but it also says ''Did you mean Philips?'', and when i click on that, it takes me to the regular search results page (but still in the small pop-up window), and still shows no results (so why suggest Philips??). Needs some cleaning up, methinks.

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          hi mphilips,


          I''m guessing the reason that you''re not coming up in searches is that you have your account name / email marked as ''hide'' instead of ''show'' (go to Your Stuff --> Profile --> Edit Profile to change this).  In general though, you can create links to a person using code like this:


          <@ww.url value=''/people/${user.username}'' includeParams=''none'' />


          There''s also a macro you can use like this:


          <#assign yourUser = ... />

          <@jive.userDisplayNameLink user=yourUser />