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    Space Index

      We gave a demo on Clearspace today and were given a feature suggestion.  When you enter a space instead of listing all content right under the space name it would be nice to have a large text box that can be used as the space''s index.  I know the description is to the left of the space but we could also use an area that can list links or must reads for that space.

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          hi mmcternan,


          That''s a great suggestion and one we''ve actually talked about in our product development meetings. I''m sure something like this will eventually get folded into the product. In the meantime, you could do this today:


          1) Create a theme

          2) Override the /template/clearspace/community.ftl file and add your description / links / must reads.

          3) Map the newly created theme to a community.





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              I''d very much echo this requirement; when I have created a space that is only to contain a document (wiki) it''s my intention that the top-level page of that wiki be the entry point into the space.  When I add leaf documents to the wiki, there is no way for a user to know what the "front page" of the wiki is.


              This makes it very hard to use clearspace as a wiki...

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                  If I understand your point correctly I am getting around that problem by creating a blog and assigning it as the Overview page for a given space.  I then treat the blog as a landing page and direct visitors from there.


                  I do agree that Clearspace needs to embrace the wiki workflow much better than it does today.  Having a laundry list of space contents is interesting (much like an index at the back of a book can be helpful), but having that content presented in the context of a wiki workflow adds so much more value.