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    End Collaboration

      How does one "end" collaboration and mark the document as "closed" or "complete"?




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          Hi Crick,


          When a document is approved by all approvers (approves can be specified for each community and also for each document) it will be published and available to the community. If that document is then edited, it will re-enter the approval workflow and will need to be approved by everyone before the changes are published to the community. During this time, the old version will still be available to the community.


          If you are looking to end collaboration all together, you can either make the document open, which means anyone can edit it without approval, or you can simply keep the document closed and remove approves and reviewers.



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              It would be time saver if there was an ''end collaboration'' command.  In a current example, we have one approver and four additional authors. 


              I no longer want the community to be able to edit the document, what I want to do is "freeze" it... .so the ''make the document "open"'' option is not a good choice.


              I can remove, one by one, each of the authors and approvers... painstaking, and also does not prevent further editing.


              Would you consider adding a "Freeze" and an "End" function?  Each are required.  In my specific example, I would use both; thus ending the collaboration and freezing the document from further editing while creating a "final" so to speak.

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                  Kevin Williams



                  You are aware that documents are versioned?  A fundamental idea behind Clearspace is that documents can always be improved and worked on.  Versioning keeps track of history when necessary.


                  The other option is to revoke edit privileges as you are currently doing.