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    Offering a "tags-only" check box option when searching


      I believe it would be valuable to create a "tags" selection box in the search screen that would limit search results to just tags.

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          Kevin Williams

          Good idea.  I have added that as a feature request here:




          Make sure to vote for it.

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              Thanks.  This is an important feature.  As we learn how to use tags instead of treed space structures, being able to search by tag is ever more important. 


              With v.1.1.0, tags are ''below the fold'' after Actions, About, Sub-communities, and Top Contributors - definitely not high on the page and easy to use.  (I think they should be upper RHS corner.  To make room, move the Actions links to the unused space to the right of the space name, above the content type tabs).


              Another little thing is the displayed tags, the "popular" tags are only those used in a space, not in a sub-space.  So let''s say I''m looking for a doc in Main > Product Management > Planning > Beta - R1; then before I can use tagging, I''d have had to navigate from Main through Product management, planning, and finally Beta-R1 before I could see the tags used in the space I cared about.  I''d like to see all the tags used in a space build from the deepest space upward so that the top-level space shows all the tags used w/i, including its sub-spaces.  (and I still want to be able search by tag!)



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              hi rboutin,


              Just a tip that you can do a search for content by tag only by using the tag cloud / tag links. So for instance, let''s say you have a community with ID = 3333 and you''re looking for all content tagged with ''collaboration'', you could query the system by requesting this URL:







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                  Great tip!


                  A few questions.


                  How does a "normal" user know what the community ID (#) is?

                  What DB field or call would a programmer make to get the corresponding community ID from the name of a community?

                  Can you build a concatenated search with this call and include more than 1 tag to find?


                  Here is a screen shot.  It doesn't seem to work to specify a communityID. It finds things tags with TSN, but not down to a specific community ID.


                  NOTE: (JCS 2.5.9, internal setup).