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    Moderate feature support

      Could anyone explain how the moderation feature works in Clearspace?


      I enabled moderation in Discussion Settings and set a community approver in Document Settings for my space. When I create a document or post a message I see a message saying that the document\post will be moderated. But the problem is that I cannot find the place where moderation actually takes place. I searched the whole admin tool and couldn''t find the place where I could accept or reject the document\post.


      Any help is very appreciated.

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          Kevin Williams

          Regarding discussions, this is a bug.  I have logged it here: http://www.jivesoftware.com/issues/browse/FORUMS-3135


          There has been some debate about whether to include moderated threads for an internal release, if you can setup a space that moderates it''s threads, you need to be able approve/reject them.


          Regarding documents however worked fine for me.  I setup a user (test3) as a space approver.  I then logged in as user test1, and created a document.  Instead of the publish button, I got a "Submit for Approval" button.  After submitting, I logged back in a test3, and under "Your stuff" in the top nav bar, I had a "Document Awaiting Approval"