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    What Happened: @ September 1st, Boston Jive User Huddle @ Demandware


      Seven+ huddlers last night with some great ideas.  Read on for more and invite the huddlers to add their own below!


      Next meeting:

      • Post Jive World to debrief and discuss, 3rd or 4th week of October
      • Location will be offices of PTC in Needman MA. Thanks Dan Marotta!



      John Dalton, Demandware

      Kevin Griggs, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

      Dan Marotta, PTC

      Bob McGinness, Demandware

      Don Rivard, Demandware

      Deborah Sacks, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

      Susan Zellmann-Rohrer, Demandware

      and Andy Rose, Analog Devices attended in spirit while stranded in traffic on 128. 



      • Intrigued by Stackoverflow's surgical (and funny) badge program.  Dan overcomes the badge limit in Jive by providing 'avatar'-based badges. See his 'up for a Groundswell Award' community here.
      • Bob talked about Karl Cyr's proactive request for support feedback from Demandware. Great that Jive is listening to 'emerging' customer needs.
      • Very diverse views and plans for Jive 5. "Users are not social media savvy; too much of a change." "Planning to migrate but looking for more guidance on architectural strategy; yet to be provided."  "Launching on 5."
      • Best way to use the huddle? 
        • Great way to reality check issues, challenges and plans with other practitioners.
        • Able to act as 'consultants' for each other - bring broad and deep expertise across domains to help each other. (Tech, retail, health, finance)
        • Useful way to focus and document issues common to 'mid-sized' users to collaborate with Jive on solutions.
      • Analytics/reporting still not clean for anyone.


      Thanks to all for the time and conversation.  Look forward to meeting again in October and in Las Vegas (baby) if you're attending. 




      Hope you all fared well over the weekend.  Demandware fared very well and we are looking forward to our informal huddle this Thursday at 4:45 pm in our Burlington offices. 


      • Shortest directions in the universe assuming 93 is the source of all visitors ( )

      From Route 93:

      Take exit 37B to merge onto I-95 S.

      Take exit 33A toward US-3 S/Winchester.

      Merge onto Cambridge St./Massachusetts 3A S.

      Turn left at Wall St. Follow signs to 5 Wall St.


      • Map link here.
      • Our insanely great office manager has asked me to confirm the number of folks who plan to attend.  No stress. Just want to make sure we have enough refreshments. Could you take a moment to reply and let me know if you are coming and if you are bringing guests.
      • If you have any questions, please reply here or feel free to give me a call:  617-957-9257.


      Hope we'll have a chance to meet and exchange updates, resources, ideas.


      party.png [Can't imagine how fast time flies: At Diane Hessan's yearly summer Communispace party.  Recognize anyone?)




      We are delighted that we can host an informal gathering of Jive users on Thursday, September 1st in our Burlington offices. 


      The agenda

      • Basically it is to connect in real time with other local community professionals and to exchange experiences and ideas.
        • 4:45 - 5:15 pm  Get here, grab a bite and relaxing beverage, catch up
        • 5:15 - 5:45 pm  Introductions & 3 Questions:
          • What about your community is excellent and why? Learning to share.
          • What challenge or issue is keeping you up at night and why?
          • Jive 5; Yes/No and why?
        • 5:45 - ~6 pm  What are useful ways to stay connected and help


      Who is Demandware? What is our community investment?

      • Our XChange community launched in June and is truly global; supporting clients, partners and employees in 755 cities around the world.
      • We provide on-demand ecommerce sites for leading brands from Barneys and Fredericks of Hollywood to Playmobil and Burton Snowboards.
      • We recently migrated to 4.5.6 and have active plans to migrate to Jive 5 over the next 6 months.


      Should you attend?

      • Absolutely.  We value your experience and perspectives.
      • It's a nice time of year to reconnect.
      • Please RSVP so we know how many hors d'oeurves and bottles of beverage to order.


      Map here!  The address is 5 Wall Street.  Directions (from our web site) are here:


      Detail below:


      Demandware Map.png


      • Folks that are interested in a brick and mortar tour are encouraged to come a bit early. We'll show you the creative den for all things on-demand retail.


      1. We're looking forward to connecting with other very smart community folks; gee, maybe you have an answer for us. Hopefully we can assist one another.  To help forge ahead with introductions hoping you'll take a moment to answer a question as part of your RSVP.  Here's the softball:  What is one (or more) truly amazing fact about you that 90% of the world doesn't know?  (I'll start as part of community best practices).

      • Was a camera woman on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
      • Called the Johnny Appleseed of digital movie production by Newsweek Magazine
      • Wrangler of 2 African Lion Hounds, several bad horses and 1 wreck-less goat.


      2. Demandware is hiring a storm of folks.  See the list here.  In particular we are looking for a Jive developer to join our engineering team.  Also seeking an Oracle DBA and Developer Community Manager.  Know anyone? Send them my way!


      Updated agenda coming later this month.