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    Disambiguation functionality ala wikipedia


      As an admin I would like the capability to pre-configure the behavior of the home page search function by redirecting users to specific permalinks when they search for specific keywords from the homepage search box. 


      e.g. When a user, using the homepage search, searches on a product name (in my spec. case) I''d like to send that user directly to a pre-determined permalink (in my case that would be the wiki page for the product).  This would avoid getting 1,000 search results and add much more value to user.





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          hi Randy,


          Cool idea, can you help me flush this out a little more? So (assuming I''m an employee at your company) I''d do a search on your intranet for ''boggles'' (where boggles is the name of some product your company sells) and instead of seeing a search results page, I''d get redirected to the boggles community. Is that right?  The only downside about this is that maybe I really did want to search all the communities / spaces for ''boggles''. Any thoughts about that?


          Also, I''m familiar with the disambiguation (I love that word btw) feature on wikipedia, but I''ve not seen it used with wikipedia.org search, it''s more of a thing that you see when do a search using a google and you land on a page that potentially is about more than one thing... how does wikipedia use it in their search?





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              Hi AJ,


              I was inspired one day when I searched wikipedia.org for "ford" (wanting Ford Motor Company) and low and behold that''s where wiki directed me, not to the 000''s of other potential "ford" hits in the db.  Clearly an admin made a conscious choice to assume and direct users to Ford Motor Company from an ambiguous search query.


              Within Clearspace, from its homepage search, I''d like to offer my users the same functionality.  ie From the admin interface designate a search term, or group of search terms, and associate them with a single permalink. (vs the expected search list of results)


              Another example, product family "x" may have three children "x1", "x2", "x3".  Whenever a user searches from the home page for x,x1,x2, or x3 they are directed to the wiki page for the X product family.  Like the Ford exmaple this assumes that most people searching for such basic elements really want, or are better off, finding the product wiki page (which we are using as a landing page).