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    Collaborative Authoring - RACI Roles & Responsibilities


      We use an approach called RACI (Roles. Accountability, Consulted & Supported) - see http://www.valuebasedmanagement.net/methods_raci.html


      This enables us to define roles and responsibilities at a more detailed way.


      Applying this in Clearspace, I''d imagine a consultant role would map to a co-author, and informed role would be notified (watch) & can comment or has a higher level comment status.


      It would be really useful to have this method implemented when setting up collaborative authoring of documents with the admin console.

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          Interesting feedback, considering I''ve been wanting to rip the current document collaborator stuff out in favor of something simpler. Based on my quick scan of that link it seems like the best mapping of those roles to document collaborator types in the current system would be:


          Responsible - Document creator and co-authors

          Accountable - Approvers

          Consulted - Reviewers (who can view the document in any state and post comments in the author discussion comment thread)

          Informed - Watches.


          In general, we plan to keep the app agnostic as far as any particular methodology such as this, but it is a goal to provide a much greater degree of pluggability around document workflow, types, and versioning, so that direct support for something like RACI could be added via a plugin.