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    Task Management -- Needed Feature?



      You folks are so going in the right direction! ClearSpace is a joy to use.


      The one piece missing for us, and it''s absolutely critical, is basic task management. When i''m working within a "project space" i need to:

      - communicate (blog, forum, email, RSS...) --> check

      - store documents (w/ versioning) --> check

      - do and assign work --> not present.


      It''s this last that''s the key missing piece for us, and is forcing us to look elsewhere. We''re currently looking at Tracks (RubyRails) which is a great tool, but not team-based enough. There''s Trac, RedMine, ActiveCollab, but none of them have the depth of Project Space awareness that ClearSpace does.


      So, i''m requesting that you add Task Management. The Tracks project gives a great model.

      You have Projects, Contexts, Actions, Due Dates (optional) and that''s about it. Adopt that model, add in the ability to assign tasks to given team members, and we''re golden!!


      Anyone else missing this feature??





      PS - i looked through open issues but didn''t find this addressed.


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