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    Documentation Plugin?

      Right now we have our source in xml (DITA) and publish our documentation in a confluence wiki. We are considering going to an eclipse infocenter. Right now we have to point to our documentation using links within articles - which then have to be maintained, even though we have new releases frequently.


      What we really want is:

      * to publish from xml (DITA) source to a documentation system (confluence and/or infocenter)

      * allow collaboration, either from the wiki or from some mechanism that associates comment threads with infocenter pages.

      * to have the jive platform be able to search the documentation and return results along with all other results

      *  to fine-tune the search with synonyms and other improvements

      * to use analytics to see what people are searching documentation for, so we can anticipate where we need to improve.

      * to allow community members to filter results in a meaningful way (possibly using tags or another option)


      Right now it doesn't make sense to publish our doc directly to Jive documents - there's too much of it that changes too rapidly, and Jive doesn't have the kinds of tools you'd need to manage this content effectively. It really isn't a CMS.

      It's also not clear to me how the jive platform was customized to allow you to integrate the documentation or where we can find a developer that could help us do that kind of customization.

      I'd be interested to hear if you guys in doc at Jive would also like to see the same thing - and if there's anything in your roadmap to provide it. I know you guys are working at being an enterprise-level product, and it seems an obvious (and not too difficult) product offering.

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          Hi tavery. We're also VERY interested in how to integrate our docs better with the Jive platform. We also use a DITA back end for our docs but don't currently have a CMS. There obviously are challenges around versioning, updating, hierarchical structure, and so on that aren't currently addressed by native Jive documents but potentially could be if this becomes a development priority, which up to now it hasn't been. We've also been seeing some interesting experiments happening that might, for example, make integration with a component CMS, or with a separate document repository, more possible within Jive. You can be assured we are poking our development team and reminding them that not only their own personal documentation team, but also customers who host communities with a large documentation component, have a strong interest in seeing these use cases addressed.


          We'll  keep you posted on any new developments in this area.