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      I don''t think user signatures are in the product. Is this on the roadmap?

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          hi John,


          They''re not formally in the product, but you could get them working pretty easily by making two FTL modifications:


          a) /template/global/edit-profile.ftl: add two fields: ''signature'' and ''showSignature'', where showSignature is a boolean field (''true'' or ''false'' values should be submitted as part of the form) and ''signature'' is the text the user wants to use as their signature


          b) /template/forums/thread.ftl: there are two places in this template where we display the message body as ${message.body}. I haven''t tested this, but I think you could use code that looked like this to display the signature:


          <#if message.user.properties[''jiveSignatureVisible'']?exists && message.user.properties[''jiveSignatureVisible''] == ''true''>







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              Answers like that are one reason we''re glad we''ve gone with Clearspace. You guys have done a good job of extensibility in the right places (Although we are still trying to get our head around the templates, let along plug-ins and macros.)

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                Note that jiveSignatureVisible (no period) is present and already set to false for every user in our vanilla install of CSX 1.1.1, so evidently you folks have messed with this in the past...