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    community tabs inconsistent

      CSX 1.1.1, communities have 5 tabs:

      - crazy ''overview'' tab has it''s own thing going on.

      - ''all content'' tab has type, subject (by authorname appended), tags, last activity. Groovy

      - ''discussions'' tab has subject, author, read, views, replies, last post (by authorname). Help, we''ve lost our tags!

      - ''documents'' tab has subject, author, version, views, last modified (by authorname), rating. Still no tags!

      - ''blog posts'' tab has the full text of blog posts aggregated in reverse chronological order. I seem to have wandered down the street into a feed reader.


      Any plans on making these more consistent?



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          Hey John,


          The " crazy ''overview'' " tab is being improved, allowing easy customization to the view.


          These other observations of yours are not uncommon lately.  I have started a discussion with our development team about the consistency issues you have brought up. If i find anything out about dates/fixes from them, i will pass them along.


          Thanks for the feedback, Cheers,



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            Here is the initial feedback on your concerns from the dev team:


            "The lists of content in the communities are now a great deal more unified (with the exception of blog posts, and I have wondered if we shouldn''t change that to be a list too). We removed the "tags" column since it wasn''t very useful (and looked ugly)."


            These changes should be rolled into either the next version or the one after that.


            Thanks again for the feedback,


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                Thanks Will.


                To be clear, I don''t have any specific suggestions -- my feedback was mostly that the different views seemed confusing.


                I suspect that the tags column would be useful -- it gives a better idea of what the content is really about -- but since we aren''t live yet, I can''t say for sure.