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    New Feature Request:  Renaming links


      We plan to use hyperlinks within our Clearspace documents extensively.  To make this effective it usually isn''t desired to have the highlighted term modified to the exact name of the destination document as is currently the default.


      I''d like to request the default be changed to keep the resulting hyperlink text consistent with the text originally highlighted




      In the sentence...."Clearspace is a product of Jive Software.  "


      (Let''s say I''d like to hyperlink "Jive Software" to the "Welcome to Jive Software" document without disrupting the original sentence.  Currently the sentence would be modified to:


      Clearspace is a product of "Welcome to Jive Software".


      The hyperlink text should remain consistent with the word(s) originally highlighted in order to activate the hyperlink feature (link icon).  In this case the hyperlink text would remain "Jive Software" and would point to the "Welcome to Jive Software" page.