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    Search: users want it be Google

      One of the biggest complaints with our current community (Jive Forums 4.2) is that the default behavior of search is not like Google. They type in search terms that would work fine in Google (''server backup'') and because Forums defaults to OR, items with only one of their terms (''server'' or ''backup'') dominate the top of the results page, even when items with ''server'' and ''backup'' (and ''server backup'') are available.


      It looks like this carries through to Clearspace.


      Thoughts/suggestions? How can we get Clearspace search to act more like the Google searches people are used to? It''s been a while since I messed with Lucene, so I''m not sure what''s possible.


      Default to AND?

      Syntactic sugar to modify naive queries?

      Fancier scoring to boost items with multiple OR keywords?

      Point our Google Search Appliance at Clearspace and chuck Lucene?