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    social networking via favorites, hotlists, fakesters, interests

      I just want to throw this one in the pot for the future.


      There''s a few ways of thinking about social networking. There''s the people-to-people part, but another part of social networking is showing interest and affiliation.


      One way of thinking about that is joining groups. Another way is by creating links.


      In the early days of Friendster, people created ''fakesters'' -- fake profiles that represented interests or groups so that people could show affiliation by ''friending'' this conceptual entries.


      Livejournal has ''interests'' on your profile which used to link to other users but now link to communities (self-organizing groups).


      And now I just read about HotorNot doing a similar thing with ''hotlists''.


      Users can add anything at all to their Hotlist - if it doesn?t exist there is a simple process for creating it, adding an image and descriptive keywords. All users who then add it to their profile are linked in the service, and there is a dedicated page for each item that shows all users who?ve added it and lets people leave comments.


      Anyway, I''d love for our users to be able to do this kind of thing in Clearspace. One challenge that livejournal had was, of course, moderation.