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    Announcement Acknowledgment

      A problem we often have when rolling out new features/products is ensuring the staff are made aware.


      Announcement are great, but why not take it a step further and add an "Acknowledgment" button where guys can set they have read the announcement so its possible to view who has/hasn''t  seen the announcement.


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          Hi rupertb,


          Thank you very much for your input on how we can improve our announcement feature! I have started a feature discussion regarding your idea, and I will pass along any relevant information on to you as it comes in.




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            Ryan Rutan

            One of the ideas I've been playing around with is the ability to leverage Anouncements as a form of dynamic advertisement into the community.  For instance, if the owners of the Community wanted to set up specific announcements for specific User attributes (could be a non-visible extended profile attribute not set by user), that determines which announcements they see...rather than seeing all of them, it could show which ones match their "profile" data...and possibly hide the ones they've already acknowledged.  Looking at the APIs for the Announcement Manager, there might be need to add some additional methods to the Interface, and/or create an extension with more User centric parameters for retrieval.  Possibly a RulesManager object reusable across all Managers?...thought I'd throw that out there...