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    Usage Metrics and Reporting

    Edward Ford

      I'm in the process of creating a template for a monthly report of usage and activities on our Jive instance. We've identified a number of metrics that we'd like to track, but since the Jive SBS doesn't generate a dashboard that can be feed into a report, our team is trying to determine the best way to capture/share key metrics. What have others done to gather and share usage metrics?

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          For my monthly reports, I use a combination of the following:


          admin console Reporting tab

          SAP Business Objects

          Google analytics

          Export Users from People tab in admin console and Excel to figure adoption by busines unit/country

          Crazy Egg for heat mapping of the homepage

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              Mike, do you use this in conjunction with the Jive Analytics module? We don't currently have that, so I'm curious as to whether or not these are tools that I might be able to leverage as well.

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                Hi Mike Fraietta


                I noticed you mentioned (quite some time ago!) you're using Crazy egg heat mapping in Jive. I'm not having any luck in making the script talk to the snap shot. When you have a spare moment, could you possibly walk me through the steps you took to enable this? I've tried embedding the code into third party analytics in the admin console...


                Many thanks

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                    Honestly, I haven't added Crazy Egg since then and at that time, the third-party analytics section was a bit different in the admin console. So, apologies as I couldn't walk you through the process.

                    I do believe that Google Analytics now has heat mapping included, but can not verify if it is as useful or good as Crazy Egg. Did you already add Google Analytics?

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                  For our Pilot, we do not have the Jive Analytics (Business Objects) module. However, we are pulling down data and massaging it internally…here’s the overview:



                  1.    Jive set us up to download a daily refresh of the analytics database from the Jive Cloud.


                  2.    Jive provides the database schema and high level definitions of the tables. However, they do not provide a full ERD…so we pulled together a basic one for our needs.


                  3.    We are using Postgres’ database (free download) to load/store the data.


                  4.    We are using MS Access against the Postgres database to build the relationships, run queries, and export the data to Excel.


                  5.    In Excel, we are building a number of Pivot Tables to analyze the data.


                  It took some time to get it setup, but we can no load the DWH and export the data to Excel within a few minutes.


                  The data we are reviewing continues to evolve, but looking primarily at:



                  1.    Total Users vs Total Logged In


                  2.    Unique logins per day


                  3.    Types of activity in the system (and we are slicing it by region, country, dates, users, and groups of users). (Note: we had to create a table in Access that houses some of our specific user data to allow this level of detail.)


                  4.    Number of documents, discussions, groups, etc. being setup…and slicing that by similar dimensions.


                  Overall, we have found the Admin Console reports provide minimal value and it is time consuming to get to the information you need.



                  Bill Chamberlain

                  630-955-8901 (work)

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                    Couple things:


                    1. I just bridged this thread to our internal Analytics group, who will be very interested in this.
                    2. If you're attending JiveWorld, DO NOT MISS these sessions on Wed Oct 6:
                      • 11am - Noon Pacific -- Advanced Measurement: Measuring and Acting on Employee Community Data, by Ted Hopton from UBM and Brice Jewell from Cerner
                      • 2:45pm - 3:45pm Pacific -- Advanced Measurement: Mapping Jive Community Data to Business Objectives, by Kathryn Everest and Deirdre Walsh, both from Jive