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    Duplicate Content - advice requested!


      Duplicate content is one of my pet peeves - I try to make sure people don't post it. Part of our usage of Jive (4.5 still) is as an intranet, and I will see things like someone who took photos at a company event posting the photos in their personal photos (since they are the photographer) and on the intranet space (so that people who attended the event are more likely to see the photos). Just post in one place! This is even more important with announcements that are posted - if posted twice, the author has two places to check for comments and questions, and people end up duplicating each other's questions, too.


      I am hoping other CMs feel the same way, and can give some advice in this situation.


      • We have a private community for our community support team. It has many sub-communities set up within it.
      • We have an open community that works more like an intranet.


      There is one woman who posts on the intranet when new merchandise is available for our products. We have a small store in the office for employees to shop at, so the merch updates are valuable to everyone as many people do utilize the store, and want to know what new things are available to buy.


      She also posts info about merch in the CS community - the service reps need to know all the merch and any info about it that they might receive phone calls/emails related to it.


      Up until now, she has posted the merch updates on the intranet, and then I've got an RSS widget set up in the CS community that shows the merch info. However, she worried that service reps are missing the RSS widget and are instead only looking at Recent Content, and so missing some of the updates. She also wants to be sure that all service reps post comments, questions, etc., and she thinks they might not be when the whole company will see their discussion.


      If she posts in the CS community, non-CS employees won't see the updates anymore. The only way around this I see is for her to post twice. I am also concerned that service reps will see the post on the intranet, and comment there, again creating extra work for the Merch coordinator to check both places for questions.


      Any advice? How would you recommend she post the info?

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          Same struggle against duplicate content on our side Our experience is that "communicators" are often worried that people don't get the content, but it is often a matter of better promoting the place where the info is posted (getting people to pull content, instead of pushing it...)


          I am not sure I understood well, but if your 2 "communities" are on the same instance, here are some ideas:

          - as your intranet is public, you can make sure that service reps "follow" the space where the info is posted in the first place, and educate them to use "your view" (they can get updates from all their followed places there).

          - If "Recent Content" is checked more often than an RSS feed widget, you can add another Recent Content widget dedicated to the Merch updates (renamed and set up to display recent content from one specific place).

          - Depending on the amount of content, it might represent a lot of work, but you could also post, once a week, a summary with links to the updates posted in the intranet?


          Hope that helps.

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              Yes, the two communities are in the same instance.


              We already heavily promote Your View (and the CSD has a heavily customized Your View to show the products they work on, the intranet for their local office, quicklinks to their products and stats, etc.). Not sure that a Recent Content widget for merch updates would work in the CS/Merch space - it would end up showing all the intranet stuff in the CS/Merch space, and we only need them to see the merch-related posts from the the intranet.


              I like the idea of a summary page, though - these merch updates only happen once a month, which is why she is worried about them getting lost. If she keeps an ongoing summary of them, though, we could maybe use a View Document widget to give them a bit more visibility, plus it would be bookmark-able and easy to refer back to.


              Any more feedback/ideas?