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    Community tab modification for Jive 5

      I am attempting to create a plugin that will modify the UI for a space (including subspaces). Specifically the tab bar (lists tabs as Overview, Content, People, Subspaces and Projects)


      I have been following the Jive 5 documentation (http://docs.jivesoftware.com/jive_sbs/5.0/index.jsp?topic=/com.jivesoftware.help.sbs.online_5.0/developer/IntegratingActionUserInterface.html), specifically the community-tabs instructions.


      The example shows a tab bar with a much different style and content to it, which made me wonder if the steps I am seeing in the documentation relate to the jive 5 instance I am working with. Note that the instance I am developing on has no plugins installed beyond the one I am developing.


      When I perform the steps to modify the community-tabs, I am not seeing any results when installing the plugin. I do see that my plugin is compiling correctly, and when I perform a modification to another area (admin tab bar, community-actions) things work correctly.


      Could you provide some information on:

      - Why the tab bar in the documentation for Jive 5 is very different to the space tab bar found in my development instance

      - If my steps are incorrect, and what to do to fix it

      - If I am using the wrong documentation, where to go to get the correct one.