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    Difficulty Creating/Editing a Report


      I'm having a very challenging time creating (and then editing) a report in my private folder under Jive Analytics via the SAP BI OnDemand site.  I have tried using Chrome 13, Safari 5.1, and Firefox 6, and all browsers seem to have problems (Chrome and Safari are the worst: editing a report give a never-ending progress spinner). 


      It seems saved reports cannot be edited - no matter what I do upon saving/running the report is simply executed against whatever the original report definition was.  Further, I have been trying to create a filter for a container #, and the system keeps complaining it's a bad value (have verified several times).  And then when I try to remove the filter, the editor won't allow it to be done.  Lastly, I was able to get the "Begin and End Date?" filter to work only once...now it's ignored when I add it to the Query Filter section of a report.


      Any ideas?