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    Help Section

      Does anyone maintain a good help section? Any tips for organizing ours? Any examples of tip sheets?

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          Because Jive is easy to use, we're pursuing a "light touch" strategy when it comes to training. It will be more in the form of Lunch and Learns, a dedicated discussion where user can answer each others questions, a set of advocates to contact and some self-help documentation. We have drafted a set quick tips to explain new concepts to the company ("tagging") or clarify the differences between similar features ("Write New Doc vs. Upload File").  This is the list we've identified so far for our launch, but there will likely be more.


          1. Getting Organized: Categories
          2. Collaboration: Using Projects
          3. Creating Access: Who Can Use Your Group
          4. Managing Your Email Preferences
          5. Documents: Upload a Document vs. Write a New Document (Very Rough Draft)
          6. Tagging People, Places and Things
          7. Making Connections: Follow or Subscribe? (Very Rough Draft)
          8. Share: Discussion vs. Blog
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            I hope you will share with your users our Jive 5 documentation, especially our Getting Started section. We have the new Documentation space here on the Jive Community, too.