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    Saleforce.com and Chatter



      a colleague of mine went to a Salesforce.com conference and was quite impressed with their Chatter version and how it has been used during the conference.

      Please read his experience:

      •         I had the opportunity to attend Salesforce.com Conference - great event, BTW - wanted to share what they've done with Chatter (their collaboration tool) to enhance the customer experience and improve collaboration before, during and after the event - not sure we can do everything at SKO, but some ideas:

        • First, when you register to the event, you create a chatter profile and are added to the public Conference group. You have the opportunity to join additional groups based on your interest, follow collegues, discussions...
        • As there were several HP folks at the event, they created a private group for HP folks and Salesforce folks working with HP - to have discussions/updates during the event
        • There is a dreamforce app for iphone/ipad/android (not WebOs ) that you can download on your device and use during the sesions/keynotes. Needless to say, there is a wireless internet at every conference building/session...
        • Session owners advertise their sessions in chatter - so if you follow some folks or topics of your interest, you can decide where to go (before or during the event)
        • When you attend a session and they scan your code, you are added to the chatter group for a session - you can ask live questions or put questions in chatter - and there is a session moderator who can ask questions on your behalf - this is good logistically, as you don't have to pass a mic between the folks during Q&A - this is also great to have the questions asnwered after the events, material posted, best practices shared...
        • They plan to keep the groups intact after the event as well - to develop the community around their solutions...   


      What are the plans from Jive to give similar experiences during life events like conferences and other bigger events?





      P.s. if there is already such a feature appologies for my ignorance.We are just starting to rollout Jive in our Business Unit