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    How to delete/block spam bookmarkers/taggers?


      Hi Everyone,

      I am new to the Jive software as well as this community. I have just spent the last couple of hours going through each individually bookmarked tag that's SPAM and deleting them, one after another.


      Is there a more effective way to remove or block these spammers? Basically what happens is that these spammers will create new accounts, then add 60+ links to the bookmark section and tag them with words like "cancer" and "drug." Or is there a way to mass-delete bookmarks from a particular user?

      Please advise!



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          Hi Allison


          Clearly you need to stop them spamming in the first case (needs longer answer about Interceptors etc).


          But if you've already got the damage - can you just delete the spammer accounts and this should delete their content as well. Admin Console doesn't declare that you will also get their bookmarks but it seems that they do go when you delete the spammer account.