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    Using Jive SBS for Project Management

      My company is currently piloting Jive groups functionality.  As part of the pilot I'm using Jive to manage one of my larger projects, and I've been asked by our company's PM peer community to present on how using the tool has helped.  I've gotten a lot of benefit out of using the tool, but in order to make sure I can do it justice and sell others on it I was hoping to find out how others have used the tool to help with their projects.  Here are some of the benefits and pitfalls I've found so far:



      • TASKS! TASKS! TASKS!  Just create a task and let Jive send the annoying reminder emails for me.
      • Using Collaborative Documents to create agendas which link to various document and discussions, allowing me to bounce around to specific content during meetings
      • Using discussions and documents with tags to capture issues and risks, then use the "Watch a Tag" widget to group and present the content
      • Using discussions as a dumping ground for open questions and discussion topics to use to compose the agenda for upcoming meetings



      • Even with categories, organizing content can be difficult.  To address this I've used Collaborative documents with content grouped together in various ways, similarly to how the categories are organized.  I've found this has made it a little bit easier for people to find things
      • The calendar and  milestones aren't quite robust enough to replace other tools (project plans, status reports, etc...).  But they are good for a quick high level view.



      Any other tips and tricks I can share?


      Thanks in advance!

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          We are on Jive 4.5x and our PM have been struggling with some issues that prevent them from using projects as much as they'd like to.

          - invite someone to a project

          - know who is following your project

          - tag your project (and filter them by tag)

          - display a project overview widget

          ... all these things were not possible in 4.5 but, fortunately they are in 5.0!


          Appreciated features include :

          - using the project status + comment to give visibility on the project progress

          - archiving projects when they are complete


          Some concerns will remain though :

          - to be part of a project, you need to be part of the hosting group, which causes problems when the group is private and you need punctual resources from outside that group (often the case in pre-sales projects for example). See

          - when a place hosts a large number of project, you cannot include all these projects in a restricted search (cf :


          Overall, we are expecting a lot from the improvements in Jive 5.0 that will hopefully relieve today's pain points;


          Hope that helps,

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            We are using Jive for project management, and have some of the same needs: ability to specify project members, ability to order tasks (by assignee, by date), more robust calendar.  I'm interested in the "Watch a Tag" idea and will have to try that one out.


            We only use tasks, milestones and the calendar a little, for very small projects.  Instead, we use 3rd party project management tools, and then surface information from those tools via a custom gadget.  Our philosophy was that Jive is not a project management tool, but we wanted the project overview to serve as a dashboard and surface project summary information.  People could then click into the 3rd party project management tool, via the gadget, for more functionality.


            We also have a space that hosts a large number of projects and have written a custom gadget to list the expanded project list, including in the sub-containers.


            I'd love to hear how others are using Jive for projects -- thanks for the discussion!

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              I did an internal webinar on using our Jive instance for projects (IT, Business, Customer installations, etc).  I don't believe that Jive's project container is a replacement for everything project management, especially when it comes to Agile.  However, there is a common thread in any type of project that is critical to it's success & Jive helps project teams do well - Communicate.


              Here's a snippet of the intro slide:

              9-9-2011 11-27-16 AM.png

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                  Here are a couple of key-point tag lines used throughout the presentation:

                  • It’s Strength  |  Collaboration through communication!!!
                  • Places  |  Collaborative communities that get work done
                  • Basics  |  People, Content, Collaboration, Communications
                  • Success  |  Follows a well-defined collaboration and communication approach/strategy


                  The presentation was focused on using the out-of-box functionality within your project management tool suite, of any project, to get the job done.

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                  A few benefits I have seen/heard from teams here that use Projects: (We are on 4.5.)


                  • Upcoming tasks are listed in a widget in the top-left corner, and tasks that are overdue are red. On some teams, no one wants to be the person who has a red task next to their name, so it has helped push people to get their work done on time, and the managers have noted they have to send out fewer nagging emails/reminders.
                  • The manager can also look at this task list to see who on their team might need help, resources, etc., and then follow up with them directly. This replaces project status meetings that would take up the whole team's time.
                  • The ability to customize the project page - so it a project is very much task-based, then you can set up widgets to focus on tasks and the calendar. If is more about documentation and collaboration, then the project homepage is re-arranged to focus more on recent content and activity.
                  • Your View - the Your Tasks widgets shows you all of your tasks across multiple projects, so you can see them all in one place (instead of having to go to each project individually to see all your due dates). (I am interested to see how this is replaced in 5.0.)


                  We also have Jira and Confluence in our organization for production project management, but smaller projects from some teams are managed in Jive - event planning, some IT roll-outs, Facilities projects.