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    Featured Panellists

      Gia / Adam


      We're deploying 5.0 after 6 months of expensive user testing. We want to have a feature where community members form a panel. Like an expert panel.



      The way I see it we have a few options:


      1. Use Rich Text Editor and create a table as above. We wil be doing this across about 100 communties.

      2. Use the photo album and customise so that images come up appropriately - I don't like this option

      3. Customise a widget for this - maybe a good approach?


      The Featured Blogs of Tony, Chris etc in the Blog section is an idea. How was this developed? Can we copy it?


      Please can you let me know your thoughts?


      We have an in-house dev team ready to go


      Many thanks and best regards

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          The Blog section here in the Jive Community is a customization that I'm not familiar with, unfortunately.


          Has your dev team gone through Jive development training? If not, I strongly recommend it - just contact your Jive Sales representative to get pricing and schedules.


          Also, they might try asking their question in the Developers area in the Jive Community, to get ideas from other developers (not many technical folks hang out here in the Business area! )