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    Creating Documents using REST API




      I have a question regarding the usage of the REST API to create documents. We have two scenarios:

      1. Batch import of documents (migration of documents into Jive SBS/Engage 5.x)
      2. Propagation of document creation from other system into Jive (User creates document in other system, which leads to parallel creation of Jive document)


      Our problem: We authenticate to the REST webservice using a dedicated Jive service user. Only this user can connect using the REST API. Now we want to create the documents not with the name of this service user, but with the actual author name. E.g. I create a document in the other system, and I want to be shown as author in Jive; it should not be the service user. However, we haven't found a way of passing the author name/ID when creating the document using the REST API - neither with the old REST API nor with the new one.


      Could you please recommend a way to accomplish this, i.e. creating documents with a service user on behalf of the actual user/author?


      Thanks & regards,