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    Community manager time requirements for a new launch?


      Hi folks. I need to scope time investment for a new internal community manager. No doubt, the time investment can vary greatly depending upon adoption rates. However, will a new internal community, managed by a novice community manager require an hour or two each day? Keep in mind, this role is not the person's normal function. This produces a secondary question - are most internal community sites managed on a part time basis? Hopefully, this question is not too vague. I understand there are likely many variables. Thanks in advance for the expert assistance.



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          John Schwiller

          - How many users?

          - What are your adoption targets?

          - How many communities?

          - Have you read Jive's 4 phase blueprint?    Jive Social Business Blueprint


          But I'd say an hour or two a day is way too low (and risky).

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              Hi John. I wish there were easy answers to your questions. Nevertheless, I wll try.

              Users - it will depend by community. Could be as large as 1,000 for one group. Likely, more in the sub 100 range.

              Targets - we have not created an adoption target. It again will depend upon the community. For a general information "community about communities", I think 1,000 users would be a success.

              Communities - we will launch with 6 initial communities

              Yes, I have read the blueprint. I have seen the expectations for SMEs,advocates, facilitators. This is the group my question specifically focuses upon.


              Technically, the blueprint does answer the question. However, real world inputs are greatly appreciated.

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              I agree that you can't really skimp on this one. It also depends on how you are staffing things like end user training/demos, the help desk, and evangelism. If all of those are expected to be done by the community manager, then it is a 1-2 person work effort. You can get some economies of scale once you have a number of other volunteer community managers (those who choose to create groups out of the gates), but it takes a good, central community manager to first get those people up and successful.

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