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    Have you integrated a Learning Management System (LMS) in your community?


      Hello all,


      We have been looking into different learning management systems over the past few months (both for internal and external purposes).  We've started to lean towards a popular open source solution, but I was wondering if anyone has examples of a working solution that integrates a true LMS with Jive's platform, and if so, possible to share those examples via links or screen captures?


      Additionally it would be great to get some ideas and opinions on which LMS products best support the idea of collaboration, while potentially being fully integrated with Jive's platform.  I'm curious what others are currently using and what benchmarks could be learned.


      =)  Paul

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          We have not, but I'd love to hear your use cases for the integration if you're able to share.

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            We're partway into this level of integration:

            1. Pull an RSS feed from the LMS and display all available courses via an RSS widget on a community page. See red box in screenshot below.

            Screen shot 2011-09-13 at 3.12.52 PM.png

            2. Implement single sign-on so that when a logged-in community member accesses an LMS course, they are automatically logged into the LMS.  Community member then perceives the LMS to be a feature of the community platform since there is no separate login for the LMS. This requires a bit of development, and it requires single sign-on support from the LMS vendor.


            3. Create a private social group for each class type and build some logic to automatically enroll each class participant in the private social group for the class type he is taking. Encourage class participants to interact with each other and the instructors via the private social group. Post class materials in the private social group as an incentive to go there.


            BTW, the LMS we're using is from Sum Total Systems.  I did not do the evaluation, so I don't know how it compares to other LMSes.

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                Thanks Rob!   We are moving along the same path to try and integrate an open source solution and the RSS feeds could definitely provide a solution for highlighting the courses.  I like the approach of creating private social groups for each course, etc. and host some of the other components of the LMS in those areas.

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                  Apologies because when I saw integration, I immediately jumped to programmatic integration between the two systems. The only programmatic integration we have is a single sign on solution. We do manually create private groups for virtual course offerings, and then when the course ends, we off-board participants into the relevant product or support groups that live in the community. We have a space for learning events and assets that links out to the LMS. On the LMS side, we have courses that refer to Jive groups either in the course descriptions or as actual course assets. We did build a Jive widget that allowed users to browse the course catalog and enroll in courses from Jive, but the usage was so low that we decided to uninstall and stop maintaining the widget.

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                  I just wanted to check in to see if anyone can offer any updates to this post. We are looking at implementing an LMS (still in the selection process) and also implementing Jive. I want to know if there is anyone who can offer any case studies on how they made this work besides the ones already offered. Thanks!



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                    One of our business units is looking to follow what some of you have done in terms of integrating a LMS into your Jive community. If any of you are up for a quick call to discuss your experience, let me know either here or mfraietta @ newscorp.com. I'd like to arm them as much as possible as they go through the process. Thanks!


                    @Robert, thanks for the screenshot!

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                      I'd like to hear some of the use cases and business requirements you hope to address by using an LMS and what you mean by "integrating" Jive with that LMS (as that term can be taken a few different ways).


                      I manage the education department at Jive and would be happy to share what we experienced by going away from an LMS and relying solely on social groups to host our online self-paced training courses.  We actually used to host our training courses on Moodle (is that the same open source LMS you're referring to?) and it was very beneficial for us to move off of that platform and focus more on the social learning aspects of a Jive-based solution.


                      There were also some trade-offs worth discussing, but overall it's been a very good decision.


                      Would anyone be interested in walking through what we've experienced, and also sharing their war stories?  Please reply if you'd be interested in joining a 1 hour webex conference next week Tuesday at say 1 pm PST.


                      Also, on a related note, I started a new Learning and Development group here on the Jive community that's specifically targeted to discussion best practices and success stories around leveraging "Social" for Education. Would love it if you joined, and let's continue the conversation there!

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                          We are looking to use an LMS to organize our formal learning we are currently implementing for a large part of our organization. The program will include instructor-led, online learning, books and informal learning, such as discussions related to specific classes or pointers to our communities. Management needs reports on who is certified in what areas and has passed various assessments and where they are located throughout the world to build teams for our projects. I am trying to figure out if we use Jive, how the two would work together, since both tools are related to learning. We would need single-sign on and the goal would be to have one profile to manage. We’d either use the forums in the LMS or link to forums in Jive to allow the users to collaborate after any synchronous learning or in conjunction with synchronous learning. Our team is tasked with both initiatives.


                          I am interested in in a walk through.

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                            Hi Rick and all,


                            I am working with Janine Perkins and she encouraged me to share my/our thoughts here for your feedback.


                            Below is an outline/list of what Janine and I mean when we say "integrate Jive and LMS." Some of our inspiration for the outline/list comes from this post by Jennifer Bouani. Also, as I read this thread, I get the impression that Brice and Robert have worked on many/most of the things outlined below, which feels affirming.


                            FYI: The goal of our integration is to support both informal social learning and formal learning. Our infrastructure in each of these areas needs improving. We are not debating use cases of informal social vs formal. We are holding both informal and formal as important. Our goal is not only to improve each one but also to integrate them more tightly.


                            That said, I welcome any thoughts, feedback, questions, etc. on the "integrate Jive and LMS" outline below. I am especially curious if people think some items below have better or worse "bang for buck" -- i.e., easy to implement with high impact on users, really hard to implement, sounds nice but users don't adopt this, etc.


                            General principle of Jive + LMS integration:

                            • Avoid duplicating functionality by turning off modules & features that are redundant. E.g., suppose both Jive and LMS offer blog functionality. We should disable blog functionality in one and provide integrated access to the blog functionality of the other. Examples of redundancies we should try to eliminate
                              1. Disable user profile of one system. Integrate user profile of other system into overall environment
                              2. Disable search-bar of one system. Integrate search-bar of other system into overall environment
                              3. Disable forums/wikis/blogs of one system. Integrate forums/wikis/blogs of other system into overall environment
                              4. Disable calendar of one system. Integrate calendar of other system into overall environment


                            Some specific facets of integration:

                            • Users:
                              1. Both Jive and LMS should rely on common pool of IDs, credentials, profile data, etc
                              2. Login status is seamless across both systems (I only have to log in once; then both systems recognize me as logged in. Same for when I log out.)
                            • Search:
                              1. Ability to search across both systems from one search-bar
                              2. Ability to search within specific places (e.g., one class, one project, content of one person, etc) across both systems
                            • Following another user: If user A follows user B, the feed of user B activity should include content and events from both Jive and LMS. For example:
                              1. User B posts to forum or blog
                              2. User B edits a document
                              3. User B joins a group or project in Jive
                              4. User B enrolls in a class in LMS (or rates a class, or comments on a class, or teaches a class, or creates a class, or joins support staff for a class, etc)
                            • Jive places include LMS courses. I want one screen that shows me all the “places” I am affiliated with (and maybe even indicates my role in each place)
                              1. Jive groups (I can be member, admin, etc)
                              2. Jive projects (I can be member, admin, etc)
                              3. LMS courses (I can be student, teacher, admin, etc)
                            • Jive Calendar of Events, Actions, Tasks == LMS calendar. I want one screen that shows me my entire to-do list (e.g., as a calendar, list of outstanding tasks and/or upcoming events, etc)
                              1. Jive tasks and pending actions
                              2. Course dates/times
                              3. Within a multi-week class, I want to see dates/times of assignments
                            • User recommendations, ratings, tags work consistently across Jive and LMS. For example,
                              1. “See what User B recommends” includes content across both systems
                              2. Tag search for “Java” includes content across both systems
                            • Jive “related content” can inform LMS course navigation/selection
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                            Ryan Rutan

                            Note: We recently created the Learning and Development social group to help capture conversations like this.  Rick Palmer will be starting some conversations there etc...and thought it would be worthwhile for those on this thread to join.  Just FYI. =)

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                              Hello, to me an LMS is a very important compliment to Jive.  LMS is all about a WORKFLOW for structured training. 


                              Collaborative, experiential, explorative training is absolutely critical and Jive does that well, but if you need to train someone on  legal or safety processes, or if you are wanting to have people progress through a series of content that builds on previous content, or if you want to track learning progress, Jive doesn't do that so well.


                              My use case is:


                              I run a software business inside a large 200K person company). We have a complex channel to market with direct and partner channels.  We also have a complex B2B product that requires some expertise to even begin starting to talk about it.  When I have a new release of my software to launch.  I want to have a collaborative learning environment for the thousands of people who are going to need and want to learn more about it.


                              But I also need structured training courses with a workflow so that the many layers of the organization know where to start, how to ensure they see the criitical content first, etc.  I also need training teams in my org to be able to track progress of all of their channel teams to ensure they know the basics of the product.


                              So, while Jive has been a MASSIVE success for us in creating a collaborative learning and support program, I still need a more structured LMS.


                              If I was Jive, I would buy (or build) this.  The benefits of administering users in one place would be huge!





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                                Scott Hurrey

                                I run the developer community at Blackboard and use Jive to host the community. We don't have anything currently that I'm aware of (although many schools build their own integrations that I'm not privy to, and I am aware of schools that use Blackboard Learn and Jive). That said, we certainly offer the APIs needed to build as simple or as complex of an integration as is required. If anyone would be interested in something like this, let me know.