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    Events Calendar and Jive?

      Hi everyone:
      Has anyone had success in using Jive to display upcoming corporate-wide events?  Not too hard, right? If so, what technologies are you using to integrate with Jive? We are aware of the Jive event calendar module/plug-in and Jotlet. Any other thoughts or advice? Thanks for youor help. Debbie

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          We are using Trumba with the additional security so that the events do not leak out.  We drop the Spud code into an HTML widget.

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            Andrew Kratz

            The plug-in is certainly a great way to go (especially if Jive is addressing the "event 1, event 2" implementation).  But if you are short on cash or need to do something for an internal client RIGHT NOW,  another quick option is to use the "view a document" widget.  You can have your event coordinator maintain a Jive document with a simple list of upcoming events.  They can format it as simply or as snazzy as they like.  The view a document widget will display the content of that document on the group/space landing page.   


            Although you could also do this with an HTML widget or "formatted text" widget, using the "view a document" widget allows the group/space admin to do a one time set-up of the landing page (add the widget).  Then the event coordinator can make updates to the doc as they wish and not have to worry about customizing the landing page and possibly doing some damage to the rest of the page.  Clean, simple, safe and fully customizable in terms of what you show with the event (date, desc, etc..)...oh and fun...I think you have to add that when you say "simple and safe".


            hope that helps,